800+ HP Widebody Supra

800+ HP Widebody Supra

800+ HP Bagged Widebody Mk5 Supra…

If a title that wild doesn’t catch your attention, the Metallic Acid Green Paint definitely should’ve. If you’re like any normal car enthusiast, having one of the first 2020 Toyota Supra’s slammed on air-ride would probably be a huge accomplishment at the SEMA Show. But as you can probably tell, Dunaway Garage is anything but a “Normal” Car Enthusiast. Following the success of our 2018 SEMA collaboration, a hydraulic equipped, 30 Inch American Force toting, wide body Ford F-250 dubbed “Ligma.” Tim knew he wanted to build something that would not only be the polar opposite of Ligma, but also a build that pushed the limits of what can be accomplished not just in a mere month before the start of the SEMA show, but a build that would steal show anywhere and everywhere that it attends. We immediately decided the 2020 Supra, a car that was receiving as much criticism and judgement as it was hype and excitement. But as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity!



For this to happen though, not only would we have to go from rendering to reality in less than a month’s time, we’d still have to get it halfway across the nation in time to attend the 2019 SEMA show. Luckily we not only had our world class team ready to build a car worthy of representing our team’s potential, we also had some amazing partners standing behind the vision and contributing the best of the best in order to help make this build something special. The build is so much more than the sum of it’s parts, but the sum of it’s parts are an amazing showcase of some of the best products offered  by the some of the biggest names in the industry.



T-Minus 20…

While most SEMA Projects are treated like that final project for that class you just can’t stand, given to you far in advance but left on the back burner and completed at the last minute. The Supra left us no choice but to complete it with no time to spare as it was the first year of the Mk5 Supra and there were only a handful  cars in the states at the time, though it felt like the majority of them made it to SEMA as there were over 50 Supra’s in attendance at the 2019 SEMA Show. So with limited time and plenty of other builds trying to steal the show, the SEMA Crunch was in full effect as the car was delivered to our door with 20 days until show time.



Not Another Wrap Job…

While many builders looking for a crazy color for their build on an even crazier time frame, we knew that the only way to do the build justice would be to do a full color change. We work with BASF and their Glasurit exclusively so it was the obvious choice when partnering for the build. We worked  to create a 1 off color that would take the build to the next level and this custom metallic loosely based off of Porsche Acid Green was the the end result.



In the braking department we teamed up with R1 Concepts to debut their forged 8 Piston front 6 Piston rear BBK. This kit is a huge improvement over the factory 4 piston calipers and should help bring the car back down from the breakneck speeds it may or may not reach on a regular basis thanks to the big power this build produces.



Big Looks, Bigger Power…


720 Horsepower and 690 lb/ft of torque to the wheels. If you think that’s a lot of power for a 2020 Supra, that’s because you haven’t seen what’s under the hood. Under the color matched engine cover hides a Pure Turbos Pure 800 turbo and a Evolution of Speed secondary fuel rail kit. Combined with the hidden methanol kit, Forge Motorsports Chargepipe, and Gruppe M Carbon Intake, the Titan  Motorsports tuned B58 is putting down a strong 720 WHP and 690 lb/ft to the 325mm rear section Michelin PS4S tires. On the exhaust side the Supra is sporting an Active Autowerke Catless downpipes and full valved exhaust which is operated by the factory sport button.






20 days later, the Supra was complete and ready for it’s debut.


Check out the video below to see the Supra in all of it’s Bagged, wide-bodied, 800 HP, Meth Injected Glory!